What Story Does Your Home Tell?

I attended several seminars at High Point Furniture Market this month and one was “How To Incorporate Worldly Influences In Modern Design” with a panel of six renowned designers that focused on adding global objects from your travels that creates an authentic story in your home and one that makes you feel good. One of the panelists, Jamie Young talked about visiting the isolated landlocked country of Bhutan high in the Himalayas between China and India. It is considered the happiest place on earth and the government measures success in “Gross National Happiness” instead of gross domestic product. She gets inspiration for her beautiful lamps from this remote happy place where phalluses are painted on the sides of buildings believed to protect families from evil spirits and to promote fertility. In the U.S. a painting tells a story even if R rated, yet in another country an intricate rug tells a story.

Then today I attended a Hunter Douglas seminar “Winning with Design & Style” in Sarasota and the speaker mentioned how our homes tell a story which really made me think about my own home that I share with my husband and two dogs, Gracie and Abbie, and what story did it tell. I would describe the style of my home as Coastal Elegance, but how did that happen? My decorating story began many years ago in Richmond, Virginia and expanded after becoming PADI certified with dives in Mexico, St. Lucia, Bonaire, Hawaii, Greece and Bermuda which exposed me to unbelievable color combinations and coral reefs. I started a collection of Herend during this time purchasing sea related porcelain pieces such as turtles, fish and many types and sizes of shells. My house is now filled with numerous reminders of the beautiful sea.

There is also a presence of horses in my home from a bronze sculpture and an Art Wolfe photograph to an oil painting by Jihong Shi called The Beach. These were important purchases to me as my only child Stephen who is now in heaven had the nickname “Pony” given to him by his peers at House of Prayer where he was a youth leader. I didn’t really like the nickname because his friends called me Mama Pony, but after his death it took on a special meaning. He was a role model to many people, young and old, so these pieces are prominently displayed in my home bringing a source of comfort reminding me of his beautiful soul. These objects bring happiness to me and beauty to my home. This is my story. What story does your home tell?

the beach jihong .jpg